RCBC Savings Bank

About Us


RCBC Savings Bank (RSB) has a rich history of milestones of over 20 years, which is mainly about growth, financial empowerment, and improving lives. 

Envisioned to be one of the leading providers of retail banking services, RSB started its thrift banking operations in February 1996. Having established its presence and relevance within the community, it grew extensively from a one-branch organization with only seven employees, to six branches with over 100 full time personnel.

In 1998, RSB's rapid growth saw the potential of serving a wider segment. This led to the acquisition of selected assets of Capitol Development Bank. With combined strengths in portfolio, this alliance boosted RSB's capability to provide better and accessible banking services.

Over the years, RSB has remained faithful to its commitment of improving the lives of our communities and financial empowerment. It continues to adapt and respond to the ever changing needs of its customers through visibility, accessibility, efficiency of service, improved and more focused product offerings.

In 2017, RSB embarked on a brand refresh which is anchored on the mission to maintain and further strengthen its relevance amidst the changing banking landscape.. The symbolic and iconic Hexagon logo was enhanced, sporting a slimmer and more dynamic look.

Today, RSB has become one of the country's leading thrift banks. With over 154 branches and lending centers nationwide, It continues to improve, innovate, and hone its financial capabilities to empower more communities and change lives for the better. 

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