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Personal Loan
With a minimum loan of just P50,000.00, we will give you topnotch advice on the best way to save or settle your other obligations; home renovation and tuition fees, medical bills, travel, car repair and maintenance expenses.

You can opt to stretch your loan payment to as long as 36 months for lower monthly amortizations. We will likewise give you an option to pay minimal interest in as short as 6 months.

Open an RCBC Saving Bank checking account, so you need not go to the bank each time you pay your monthly amortization.

Loan Purpose
· Pay-off credit card bill/balances
· Medical/surgical/doctor's bills
· Tuition, matriculation, school related expenses (books, uniforms, supplies)
· Travel, vacation, car repair and maintenance expenses
· Home improvements, furnishings
· High end appliances and gadgets

Eligible Borrowers
· Current credit card members of Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB with minimum of 2 years membership
· With owned (2 years) or rented (3 years) residence

If Employed:
· At least of middle management
· Minimum monthly income of P20,000
· Minimum of 2-year tenure
· Employer among top 10,000 corporations

If Self-Employed:
· Business must be at least 5 years in operation
· Profitable for the last 2 years

Financing Features
· Minimum loan amount - P50,000 (subject to paying capacity of borrower)
· Maximum loan amount - P1,000,000 (subject to paying capacity of borrower)
· Minimum term - 6 months
· Maximum term - 36 months

· Accomplished Application Form
· Original Certificate of Employment/2 months payslip
· Copy of 2 Valid Government ID's
· Copy of latest ITR
· Copy of 1 month latest credit card billing
· Copy of 1 utility bill
· Accomplished Application Form
· Copy of Business Papers
· Copy of any latest utility bill
· Copy of 1 month latest credit card bill
· Copy of 2 yrs financial statements with ITR
· Copy of latest 6 months bank statements

For more details, please call:
RSB Customer Care

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