Orignal RCBC Savings Online Services Login


How to log in
1. Enter your RCBC Online Banking internet banking user ID and password
2. Click "Login"
*In case you forgot your User ID and/or password, click "Forgot User ID/Password". You will be redirected to the RCBC Online Banking internet banking webpage.


I. Account Viewing
Click Accounts tab to display your account number and balance.

The following details are available:
- Account Number for CASA (Available and Current balances)
- Bankard Credit Card Number (Outstanding Balance and Available Credit Limit)

II. Fund Transfer
Click Fund Transfer tab to transfer funds between accounts (own account, other account, other bank account)

A. To Own Account
A1. Click "To Own Account"
A2. Click "Select Source"
A3. Choose Source Account from your enrolled accounts
A4. Click "Select Destination"
A5. Choose destination/recipient account
A6. Enter amount for transfer
A7. Click "Submit"

B. To Other Account
B1. Click "To Other Account"
B2. Click "Select Source"
B3. Choose Source Account from your enrolled accounts
B4. Click "Select Destination"
B5. Choose destination/recipient account
B6. Enter amount for transfer
B7. Click "Submit"

C. To Other Bank Account (Bancnet member accounts)
C1. Click "To Other Bank Account"
C2. Click "Select Source"
C3. Choose Source Account
C4. Click "Select Destination"
C5. Choose destination/recipient account
C6. Enter amount for transfer
C7. Click "Submit"

III. Bills Payment
Click on Payments tab to display the frequent billers enrolled through RCBC Online Banking. You may also pay unenrolled billers under this option.

A. To Pay Frequent Billers (enrolled billers)
A1. Select "biller/merchant" to be paid
A2. Click "From Acct. No."
A3. Choose Source Account for payment
A4. Enter amount to be paid
A5. Click "Submit"

B. To Pay Non-Enrolled billers
B1. Select the biller category
B2. Select the biller to be paid
B3. Click "From Acct. No."
B4. Enter the reference number/account number for payment
B5. Enter amout to be paid
B6. Click "Submit"

IV. Forex Rates and Branch and ATM Locator
Click on Inquiry tab to check FOREX Rates and locate RCBC/RCBC Savings Bank business centers and ATMs.